BUY CO2 NEUTRAL BE CLIMATE, the first brand for climate-neutral fruit and vegetables, was launched on the market in 2019. This enables customers and consumers to make a simple, transparent contribution to climate protection. What makes our BE CLIMATE products climate-neutral? We start by calculating all the CO2 emissions generated by fruit and vegetables from […]

Dolce Vitamina

Simply delicious Our brand Dolce Vitamina consists of tasty fruit and vegetable snacks for the whole family. Snack tomatoes, mini-watermelons, blueberries, pointed peppers and snack peppers are supplied in child-friendly portions and packaging. The delicious taste of Dolce Vitamina products begins with our selection of the best varieties – in close cooperation with our seed […]


GERMANY’S NICEST BANANA! Our Fairnando bananas come to us from sunny South America and the Caribbean. As pioneers in this field, we have spent more than 20 years promoting socially viable, environmentally friendly banana production, workers’ rights and greater fairness in trade. The certified farm cooperatives and plantations are paid stable prices for their Fairtrade […]

Lunita, Golden B and Golden BIO

FIRST-CLASS QUALITY AND ULTIMATE ENJOYMENT We have been supplying premium bananas under the brand names Lunita, Golden B and Golden Bio since the late 1960s. Customers can choose between different brands for different markets as well as between standard and organic bananas. The class 1 bananas come from selected plantations in Latin America and are […]