Our pledge of quality

Highest standards of quality

We deliver fruit from all over the world straight from the field to the customer – at competitive prices. Our customers can confidently expect competence, efficiency and the highest standards of quality.

We safeguard the quality of our products by paying regular visits, employing local quality teams and maintaining close contact with producers.


A wide variety of products! Whether conventional, organic, Fairtrade or climate-neutral, we offer a wide range of fruit and vegetables in numerous types of packaging, all available in different sizes.


Focus on sustainability! As your “Partner for Generations”, we attach great importance to sustainable business practices and are involved in both social and ecological projects.

Quality at a glance

Our dedicated international team works round the clock to make sure our products keep their quality and freshness all the way from source to customer.


quality management employees


percent freshness


days a week


days a year

Our certifications

We hold numerous certificates which testify that the safety and quality of our products and processes have been inspected and approved by independent auditors.

Our quality standards

Quality without compromise

Seamless monitoring from field to customer.
Our customers can expect top quality, product safety, optimum service and 100% transparency.


Our products can be traced back to the fields they came from

Product quality

All incoming goods are inspected to ensure that they comply with statutory regulations
and the customer’s own requirements

Laboratory testing

Regular sampling in accordance with customer, organic, QS and IFS regulations and testing by independent accredited laboratories


of logistic partners, packing service providers and producers
performed by Port staff and external auditors

Quality management team

in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Peru

Process optimisation

through efficient cross-interface cooperation

Your contact


Your contact for
quality management

Phone: +49 40 30 10 00 41
Mobile: +49 172 421 87 64
Email: nico@port-international.com


Wir bieten eine Vielzahl von Produkten in zertifizierter Bio-Qualität. Der biologische Anbau sorgt sowohl für ein natürliches Wachstum der Früchte als auch für eine unbelastete Umwelt.

Unsere Bio-Kontrollstellennummer:


Fairtrade zertifiziert den kontrollierten Handel mit Produkten zu festen Preisen und wird durch die weltweit organisierte Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO) überwacht.

Von Fairtrade profitieren Verbraucher und Produzenten gleichermaßen. Die Verbraucher erhalten Produkte, die umweltschonend angebaut und streng kontrolliert werden. Die Produzenten bekommen einen fairen Preis für ihre Produkte sowie eine zusätzliche Fairtrade-Prämie, die lokal in ökologische und soziale Projekte investiert wird.

IFS Broker

Der IFS Broker ist ein Standard speziell für Broker, Agenten und Importeure und gewährleistet die Sicherheit und Qualität von Produkten.

Der Standard zertifiziert, dass alle beteiligten Parteien in Übereinstimmung mit Produktsicherheits- und Qualitätsanforderungen agieren. Broker, Agenten und Importeure müssen zudem ihre Lieferanten diesbezüglich überwachen, so dass die gelieferten Produkte rechtlichen und vertragsspezifischen Vorgaben entsprechen.

CNG Certification

Port International Organics GmbH has chosen to certify organic Fairtrade bananas from Ecuador and Peru according to the Climate Neutral Certification standard vs. 1.0 – Sept. 2020. These bananas are destined for a Dutch client and certified from cradle to customer plus waste. This means the carbon footprints are calculated, we reduce as much as possible in the supply chain and compensate what remains.

The certificate is valid until the 30.07.2023.

Rainforest Alliance Certificate


We offer a wide variety of products in certified organic quality. Organic farming ensures that the fruit grows naturally and no additional strain is placed on the environment.

Our organic code number is


Fairtrade certifies the controlled trade of products at fixed prices and is monitored by the international Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO).

Fairtrade benefits consumers and producers alike. Consumers receive products that are strictly controlled and grown in an environmentally friendly manner. Growers receive a fair price for their products along with an additional Fairtrade premium which is invested locally in social and environmental projects.

IFS Broker

IFS Broker is a standard created especially for brokers, agents and importers which serves as a guarantee of product safety and quality.

The standard certifies that all the parties involved comply with specific product safety and quality requirements. Brokers, agents and importers must also monitor their suppliers to ensure that the products supplied meet certain legal and contractual specifications.

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