Our organic produce is grown under strictly controlled conditions in accordance with the provisions in the EC Organic Regulation. The “Organic” label guarantees that our produce is planted and harvested in compliance with organic farming standards. This agricultural method aims to produce food using natural substances and processes to limit negative effects on the environment.

All organic farmers are regularly monitored and checked by independent institutions. We also make sure that the necessary product documents are available and that our organic products are kept separate from standard ones.

Organic cultivation encompasses

the responsible handling
of energy and natural resources

the conservation of biological diversity

the maintenance of the region’s ecological balance

the improvement of soil fertility

the preservation of water quality

organic farming

Unlike standard products, organic products are only treated with biological fertilisers and no chemical pesticides are used at all.

Moreover, organic farming promotes higher standards of animal welfare which respect the specific needs of animals. The European Union’s organic farming regulations provide a clear structure for the whole of the EU, thus making sure that organic product labelling is reliable.

We offer a wide variety of products in certified organic quality. Our organic code number is DE-ÖKO-039.

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